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Futures JJ Florence Techflex Thruster Large - Fins

The popular John John Florence series has received a full material and graphic update. Working directly with John John to develop what he calls the best fins he’s ever ridden, makes this new release particularly special. The size range consists of the same great templates that we’ve come to love. The latest JJF fins have a more lively and precise feel, due to improvements in materials and construction. The result is a new and improved JJF experience that will have you calling in sick for every swell. The John John (L) Techflex signature fin is a medium sized Speed Control fin with a Ride Number of 4.0. It was designed by JJF to be a larger, more drivey version of the F4 template, with additional base and rake. The Techflex construction and flat foil give this fin a stable feel, making it ideal for controlling speed in more powerful waves. For John John, this is his weapon of choice in all conditions.

Style Code: FTHTF1-VIL

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