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FlashBomb Fusion Wetsuit
with Fusion Dry Seam Technology

Stay warmer for longer in our revolutionary wetsuit with seams that don't leak. Built using 100% E7 Flash Lining,
the FlashBomb Fusion with Fusion Dry Seam Technology is the ultimate balance of flexibility, warmth and durability.
Experience over 50 years of innovation fused into one wetsuit that is 96% stitch-free.


Seams That Don't Leak.

Rip Curl’s Fusion Dry Seam Technology solves the age-old issue of wetsuits leaking at the seams, without resorting to using stiff liquid tape.
Because this bonding technique doesn’t require stitching, it also holds the full integrity of the neoprene to avoid water getting in.
That means you have a stretchier, warmer suit that shuts out the cold water and insulates your body heat, allowing you to surf for longer.
96% stitch-free, leak-free seams, delivering superior warmth. Another breakthrough innovation by the world leaders in wetsuit technology.

features fusion

Technical Features :

Fusion Dry Seam Technology

A unique bonding technique that delivers a stronger seal without the need for stitching that can lead to water seepage over time.

Stitch Free

A revolutionary design creating a more durable and warmer wetsuit.

Zip Free
Entry System

Maximum stretch, warmth and comfort.

E7 Flash lining

Rip Curl’s ultimate warmth and performance neoprene. Our fastest drying wetsuit.

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Another Breakthrough Innovation in Wetsuits: Flashbomb With Fusion Dry Seam Technology.

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Experience Over 50 Years Of Innovation Fused Into One Wetsuit.

We started innovating ‘the surfing wetsuit’ in the early 70’s with the sole purpose of surfing in the cold southerm waters of Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia.

  • 1971 - Under Arm Gusset

    Doug "Claw" Warbrick. Rip Curl Co-Founder.

  • 1972 - Double lined neoprene

    John "Sparrow" Pyburne. World's most experienced surfing wetsuit technician.

  • 1974 - Multi-thickness Neoprene

    Michael Peterson. The enigmatic surfing icon dominating the 70's. King of Kirra.

  • 1978 - The Blind Stitch Seam

    Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew. World surfing champion.

  • 1984 - Aquaban Seam Sealing

    Tom Curren. 3x world surfing champion.

  • 1986 - The Batwing

    Damien Hardman. 2x World Surfing Champion.

  • 1995 - Ultimate Xpand-X High Stretch Rubber

    Pam Burridge. World Surfing Champion 1990.

  • 1997 - Onsmooth

    Rip Curl owned and operated research and development manufacturing wetsuit factory. Damien Hardman. 2x World Surfing Champion.

  • 1999 - The Elasto Wetsuit

    Mick Fanning.

  • 2008 - The H-Bomb

    Worlds first power heated wetsuit. Jessi Miley-Dyer. World Surfing League Head Of Competition.

  • 2012 - The Flashbomb

    Gabriel Medina. 3X World Surfing Champion.

  • 2020 - E7 Super Stretch Neoprene

    Tyler Wright. 2X World Surfing Champion.

  • 2021 - Heatseeker - Flex Energy

    Molly Picklum. WCT Competitive Beast.


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